About Us

Texas TXRC is urging policymakers to recognize the vital role community colleges play in Texas. Students, alumni, business leaders and community members have come together to ask state decision makers to support these institutions and the 500,000 students they serve every day.

This statewide advocacy initiative serves as the collective voice of the 14 community colleges and is used to remind policymakers, candidates for office and all citizens interested in economic recovery that Texas needs its community colleges to educate and prepare students with skills for today’s jobs and a better state economy.

The crucial services community colleges provide, like affordable, accessible higher education, and the ability to train and retrain workers to re-enter the workforce, has become more valuable than ever. More and more students are choosing a community college to continue their education and as industries retool, and new industries emerge, business leaders and elected officials are calling on community colleges to help train and retrain workers and get Texasn’s back to work.

However, state support is not keeping pace with this increase in demand.

Find out how you can get involved this year to tell the state’s decision-makers that community colleges are the key to a vibrant economy and a strong workforce!